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Forex News Calendar Indicator for MT4

Never miss out on the fundamentals again!

NewsCalendar is a Metatrader 4 indicator that allows you to see all the news that matter in Forex are to be released directly on your MT4 charts. The news are automatically downloaded from reputable online places such as ForexFactory or DailyFX and then filtered based on your needs and preferences.

Every time you drag the NewsCalendar indicator on a MT4 chart, you can choose whether you want to see all the news, or just the ones related to the current pair on the chart. If for instance you drag it on a GBPUSD chart, and set "Only For Current Pair" as true, you will only get news that have an impact on the GB Pound or on the US Dollar. However, if you also want to include a couple of other currencies (but not all of them), you can add them to the "Always Include Currencies" field. Hence, you could be getting the news related to GBP, USD, EUR and JPY only.

metatrader 4 forex news calendar

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MT4 Forex News Calendar


  • All Forex News Directly on Your MT4 Chart
  • Filter News by Currency
  • Filter News by Impact
  • Receive Popup and Sound Alerts
  • Email Alerts and Phone Notifications
  • Manually Trade the News

MT4 Forex News Trader


  • An Extension of the MT4 Forex News Calendar
  • Set and Forget Trading Around Major News
  • Set When the Pending Orders Should Be Placed
  • Set When the Pending Orders Should Be Removed
  • MM Rules For Calculating Order Lot-Size
  • Monitor the Profit You Made for All News

MT4 Custom News EA

starting from $9995

  • Make Your Own News Indicator or Robot
  • Automate How YOU Trade the News
  • Ask for Additional News Filters
  • Request Special Trading Conditions
  • Add or Remove Default Parameters
  • Trailing Stop, Break-Even, and Much More
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